AEG 7 Series Smart 2 Slice Toaster - AT7800

The AEG 7 Series Smart 2 Slice Toaster - AT7800 is part of the high-quality stainless steel appliances of the 7000 series which feature numerous intelligent and innovative features. Each unit of the Premium Line 7 Series offers convincing functionality, ease of use and performance.The AEG 7 Series stainless steel 2-slice toaster AT7800 comes with a DigitalVision timer, so youÔÇÖll know how long you have to prepare the food. The smart Lift and Check with digital pause function keeps you in full control over the toasting by letting you check your toast without resetting timers. DigitalVision TimerNo need to guess. Just lift and check! View how long your toast has left until ready, down to the second, on the large easy-to-read display. By using the Lift and CheckÔäó function you can check on your toast without disrupting the toasting. Pop it back down within ten seconds and the timer will start where it left off.XL Toast CapacityThe two extra-wide capacity slots are designed to accommodate everything from largely sliced bread to thickly cut bagels ÔÇô making toasting easy.Bun warmer functionCanÔÇÖt fit your buns inside the toaster? No problem. The foldable bun warmer function lets you heat up bread that wonÔÇÖt fit inside a toaster. Treat yourself and the ones you love, to a Saturday breakfast with your favorite croissants and breakfast buns.Breadcrumb trayGone are the days of turning your toaster upside down and shaking it to clean out the breadcrumbs. This toaster comes with a smart Breadcrumb tray - simply detach it for a gentle and easy clean




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