AEG 7 Series Smart Kettle - EWA7800

The innovative AEG 7 Series Smart Kettle has a timeless design yet is full of the most up to date technology you can get in a kettle! The AEG 7 series 1.7L water kettle EWA7800 is ideal for any type of kitchen. It comes with a digital temperature control, LCD Display and a OneCup Turbo function. Variable Temperature ControlWith five programmable temperature settings, you can enjoy your tea the way itÔÇÖs meant to be: 80C green tea, 85C white tea, 90C oolong tea, 95C coffee, and 100C for black and herbal teas, also instant oatmeal or noodles. Check the temperature of your water in real-time on the digital LCD display during heat up. OneCup Turbo Functiono time to wait for that cup of tea? The AEG 7 series kettle OneCup Turbo function, boils 200ml of water in less than 60 seconds ÔÇô enough time for you to reach for a cup and pick your favorite flavor of tea. Auto shut-off in 3 waysDonÔÇÖt worry, be safe. Because this water kettle has automatic shut-off in three ways: when the water is boiling, when you lift the kettle from the heating station and when there is no more water left in the kettle, thanks to the integrated Boil-Dry protection.1.7L CapacityWhether youÔÇÖre having a two-person tea ceremony or a Sunday afternoon tea party ÔÇô the AEG 7 series water kettle has you covered with 1.7 liters of capacity.




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