AudioSonic RD1549 Super Radio MP3 Player with Bluetooth

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Buy the incredible AudioSonic RD1549 super radio MP3 player with bluetooth! The best way to listen to the radio and your favourite music is now within reach!


  • Microphone input (6.3 mm), mix and echo function
  • Microphone not included
  • Bluetooth (range: up to 10 m)
  • Double subwoofer and 2 speakers of 25 W each
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (playing time: 6 hours)
  • USB port for MP3 playback
  • USB port for mobile phone charging
  • FM radio with PLL tuning and 20 preset stations
  • Full dot-matrix disply
  • 4 bands / 8-step spectrum analyser
  • Digital volume control
  • Treble and bass controls
  • SD card slot
  • 2 aux-in for other devices (connection cable included)
  • Base for smartphone
  • Dimensions: approx. 51 x 20 x 19 cm
  • Voltage: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power adapter included




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