Band·UV UVA Rays Indicator Wristband

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If you're worried about your family's well-being and want to protect the little ones from the sun's rays, the Band·UV UVA rays indicator wristband is a practical and reliable solution. This wristband can prevent excessive exposure to the sun, as well as indicating whether or not suncream should be applied.


Band·UV is very easy to use, you simply have to look out for the varying shades of the wristband (following the shades which can be found on the packaging):

  • Shade 1: indicates that there is no sun
  • Shade 2: indicates that sun cream should be applied
  • Shade 3: indicates that sun cream should be applied again
  • Shade 4: indicates the danger to the skin if it continues to be exposed to the sun
  • Approx. diameter: 6 cm
  • Made of silicone




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