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Bath Handle

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Buy Bath Handle | As seen on TV at the best price.This bath handle sticks to any smooth surface with the aim to make it easier for us to move, especially for people with mobility problems. This revolutionary product is just like to have a friend hand. It sticks in seconds to any smooth surface, without screws nor tools. It is very easy to use. You just have to place it on a clean, smooth, not porous surface, lock the safety locks and that's all. It will be fixed and safe. It supports the weight of an adult person. Now you will feel comfortable when going out of the bathtub and very safe when going out of the shower. Sitting down and standing up won't be a problem anymore for those suffering from back pain. This handle with sucker is so easy to fix and remove that you can take it anywhere. Going in or out the bathtub or the shower had never been so comfortable nor safe. Now it is thanks to this double handle.




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