Best Direct Wizzit and Grooming Kit

Best Direct Wizzit and Grooming Kit Silky Smooth and Soft Skin Hair removed in a fraction of the time! With the old tweezers and mirror, it takes ages to get rid of embarrassing facial hair and it's painful too. But now there+éÔÇÖs something that's both fast and gentle. And it works so well, you won't even need a mirror. ItÔÇÖs the Wizzit: An amazing invention that literally finds, grabs and removes unwanted hair from the roots, keeping it from growing back for weeks. It is specially designed to reach out and firmly hold on to the hair, no matter how short or how fine it is. And its rotating action ensures a gentle and thorough removal of the hair shaft, root and all. This unique technology attracts hair like a magnet, so you will never need a mirror. Just sweep the Wizzit around the problem area and you will never miss a hair. ThatÔÇÖs why itÔÇÖs 30, 40 or even 50 times faster than tweezers. The Wizzit has no blades, instead working as an epilator, gently removing hair and leaving you with smooth hair-free skin. As a bonus we also give you this handy manicure and make-up set to complete your grooming kit. You receive: Wizzit Grooming Kit




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