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Travel Toiletry Bag (6 pieces)

Now you can take your hygiene products with you on your trips thanks to this convenientåÊtravel toiletry bag (6 pieces)! You can fill each bottle with shower gel, shampoo, perfume, etc. and forget about carrying glass bottles in your suitcase. This travel kit complies with flight standardsåÊ(maximum capacity: 100 ml - Material of the bottles and the toiletry bag: transparent plastic). Made of resistant plastic. 1 x toiletry bag with handle and airtight seal (17.5 x 20 cm), 2 x 100 ml bottles (approx. 12 cm in length x 3.5 cm in diameter), 1 x 90 ml bottle with atomiser (approx. 12.5 cm in length x 3.5 cm in diameter) and 2 x 20 ml round plastic boxes (approx. measures: 2 cm in length x 3.3 cm in diameter) included.




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