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Zap Nap Alien Pillow Travel Pillow

Do you want to try the Zap Nap Alien Pillow travel pillow? Be the first to get this innovative and original pillow that allows you to rest anywhere (airports, bus stations, train stations, offices, etc.). Thanks to the Zap Nap Alien Pillow travel pillow, taking a nap won't be the same thing anymore! This useful and practical pillow is the ideal companion when you're travelling. You can forget your surroundings and relax comfortably, wherever you are. Approx. dimensions: 32 x 40 x 9 cm. Outside: 100% polyester. Stuffing: polystyrene microballs.

As this item comes from our Spanish warehouse, there is a slightly longer delivery time for it. Excluding holidays, deliveries from this warehouse normally take 5 – 10 days.




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