Zlim Light Foldable Mini LED Lamp with USB

Don't miss out the revolutionary Zlim Light foldable mini LED lamp with USB! Thanks to its modern and original design, you'll find this portable lamp to be really comfortable and handy. It has and on/off switch and 16 energy-saving and high luminosity solid LED white lights. It operates through USB connection. USB cable to micro USB included. Made of resistant plastic. Approx. dimensions (when folded): 18 x 2.5 x 4 cm. Intensity: 310 mA. Power: 1.5 W. Voltage: 5 V CC. Luminosity: 134 lx.

As this item comes from our Spanish warehouse, there is a slightly longer delivery time for it. Excluding holidays, deliveries from this warehouse normally take 5 – 10 days.




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